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A world of holidays with Platinum Travels

Platinum Travels offers the finest selection of destinations and attractions to tailor-make your perfect getaway. From exploring the lush green tropical forests of Australia and historic cities of Europe, to escaping on a romantic honeymoon aboard a luxury cruise liner or simply just lounging on a tropical island, our wide range of holiday programmes and destinations provide you with the right degree of flexibility to tailor-make your dream holiday.

How we make your holiday the best one possible

Whatever destination you select, Platinum Travels offers a wealth of advice and assistance about things to do and see whilst you are there as well as providing you with the best local tips to get the most out of your stay. What’s more, you’ll travel to all our offered destinations on the award-winning airlines with best of the hotels for your stay, allowing you to relax and unwind before your holiday even starts.

Let us take care of everything

When you book with Platinum Travels , you are buying total peace of mind. We can say this because we know the destinations we offer. We have been there and checked every last detail, carefully. From choosing the right partners to handle your needs from the moment you arrive, to selecting the right hotels to ensure you are comfortable throughout your stay, everything has been taken care of so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your holiday.